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                The WLA is professional association for the WLAN community, and our mission is to define industry best practices and quality assurance in the delivery of Wi-Fi networks.

                The WLA is currently creating a framework for WLAN design, implementation, assessment, and validation best practices, which will benefit the WLAN industry as a full life-cycle standard.

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                The WLA aims to further confidence in the WLAN industry by focusing on individuals engaged in the industry.

                We bring together a community of industry professionals who share their experiences with one another. This provides our members with a competitive advantage as they become more active and better informed members of the Wireless Technology industry.

                The Wireless LAN Association supports and advises its members as they improve their knowledge and technical expertise. WLA helps its members gain the skills they need through certification and training, thereby increasing customer confidence in the WLAN industry.

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                What is KRACK and how does it work The KRACK WPA2 vulnerability was discovered by Mathy Vanhoef of imec-DistriNet his website on the research is here Mathy presented some of ...

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                By joining the WLAN Association, you become part of an organization that's all about Wi-Fi

                Membership offers you a chance to collaborate, engage, interact, and learn within a community of like-minded individuals

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